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Poems by James Dixon

These Poems were written by James when he was on
a trip to South America in 2000


Sucking on gas, blowing big bubbles,

Got no worries, got no troubles,

Going with the flow, drifting along,

Watching the fish, humming a song,

Eye on the sharks, eye on the gauges,

Been down a while, seems like ages,

Starfish, parrotfish, eels, and lobsters,

Silky sharks, looking like mobsters

At the surface, hammerhead schools,

Divers down below, staring like fools,

Swimming with the turtles, side by side,

Poor liíl octopus, nowhere to hide,

Schools of jacks, pods of dolphins,

Urchin spines, poking through dive skins,

Humpback whales, calf and mother,

See a manta ray, next day another,

Out of the blue, a big whale shark,

Swam slowly by, then back to the dark,

Butterflies, angels, tangs, and wrasse,

Moorish Idols, surgeons, puffers, and bass,  

"I wrote the poem out onto a sheet of my notepaper and then taped it together top and bottom into a roll so that you can start reading anywhere and just keep going."


From the hand in the glove,

To the foot in the boot,

Thereís no warmer feeling,

Than peeing in your suit.


Past trekkers in goretex and timberland boots,

They carry kettles, pans, cereals, and local fruits,

With barrels and boxes, held on with rope,

In sandals and shorts, hauling propane tanks and soap,

Folding chairs, pots, and a rubbermaid cooler,

Jogging up the path so they'll get there sooner,

With 80 lb loads balanced on their backs,

Trotting past tourists with little yellow day sacks,

Setting up tents and sterilizing water,

I don't think I'd make a very good porter.


"We had 12 porters, one cook, and one guide with us. Just to keep 5 tourists alive."