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Poems by Edwin Meadows Dixon
Edwin M Dixon is my Grandfather (Alex's and James's gt grandfather)
These poems were probably written in the period 1900-1940

O Thou persistent Visitor;
Most dreaded intervener in the affairs
Of every mortal, arbiter of cares -
Eternity's Inquisitor

Holding the doors of History,
Where each must surely enter, nor one peep
Vouchsafing into that last portal deep -
Thy dread Abode of Mystery

Unfolder of Futurity,
Holding the final Key of Destiny;
One Higher Power alone the reason why
Reveals, and lights obscurity

Man laughs at thy proximity.
His little joys and cares a respite crave
of thee, who sweeps his fancies to the grave
His soul to higher sublimity

Thou boundest Earth's autonomy,
And Senates tremble, lest thy withering touch
Should blast some powerful brain, that counts so much,
In this brief life's economy

We view thy spoil so fearfully,
While Doubting Castle rears its frowning head,
And whispers to the soul that all is dead
We mourn for, sad and tearfully.

Old Age, a respite borrowing,
Sees tender plants cut down and wonders why,
Young and so sweet, our best loved flowers must die,
Leaving the older sorrowing

The homely circle cherishing
The mutual chain of love that binds the whole
Sees now the bursting link that rends the soul
beneath thy mandate, perishing.

Silent unbidden Verity
That terminates this mortal common lease,
Beneath whose closure vain ambitions cease
Anulling Man's temerity.

Yet ever burning steadily
The lamp of Faith shines round our stumbling feet
Tempering the sting of pain and making sweet
Which bitter seems so readily.

Triumphant - unmistakable -
Heaven's Clarion rings along the roads of Time
Beckoning the passing soul to heights sublime
of Love and Truth unshakable.

(see Alex's poem on the same subject)