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Poems by Alex Dixon
Most of these Poems were written by Alex when he was at School or at University


What are the clouds
But the excuse
For a sky

What is an ending
But the reason
For a new beginning


Passing strangers
Flotsam on different currents
Set on collision courses
Which ignites a spark
That flutters and flares
Deep seated streams
Moving apart into
Two different worlds
Me in my world
And another I'll never forget


It crawls out of dark nooks and crannies
Its tendrils wispy and clinging,
Like an eerie mist
It saps your soul and makes you lifeless.
It makes you blue
It has attacked your blood
Makes you fall ... and fall ... and fall ...
Into the pit of dispair.
You seek offence and yet can only moan,
Life is against you,
No refuge. No hope.
Then it wanders on, leaving the husks behind,
To creep up on some other unsuspecting soul.
To kill another dream.


Death is the final business date,
Takes precedence above all else
It is the final form,
The destiny of everyone.
It waits in dark alleys,
It strikes in bright corridors.
Apprearence means nothing to
The Grim Reaper.
Death is for smokers, and lots of fast food.
It is the end of to a beginning,
However short or long.
It is the throw of a die,
SIX - tough luck.
The game is over.
For some the die are weighted
But it'll get you
No matter how avoided.
Some court Death for the thrill involved
Some cannot wait for the final appointment
And who knows what happens
Is there really a God ?
Have we a soul, or
Are we a link, a small part
Of the ecosystem ?
More to the point is Hell hell, or
Is it quite nice ?
I think I can wait,
No premature action for a premature date !

(see Alex's great-grandfather's poem on the same subject)

A spritely young female
with perfect streamlines
Blonde hair riot
Framing sparkling eyes.
Designer shadow highlighting a regal nose
Dresses so chic
As gyrations follow the beat,
Social engineering
Holding every hair unruffled.
A living dream
Setting heart in resonance with the heat,
Spiralling passion
Passing a sun so shamed to glow.
Lives not so far away
Distance bridged by Love in step with Time
Who's this girl ?
Why, she's my Perfect Lady.

frappons nos tetes contra les murs !!
Headbang - ouch cries the wall !
A silly mistake - a little slip of the tongue.
After the rush of a five minute day
painting flowerpotmen and walking through walls,
Finishing the rat race
It's nice to retire to invisibility.
No distractions - People with problems
It was my own little secret
And I had to tell somebody.
Which way to turn, left or right of the wall ?
Right or wrong ?
Erase the memory or write the epitaph ?
The Rotes of my sermon on my destiny
Lost to the general public !
Just when I need to hide
Behind my bunch of daisies
To banish the ducks wearing wellies
To forget my boss with wings.
I went and told my teddybears
They wheedled themselves into my life
Prying into my inner feelings
So when I disappear through my secret door
Into my magic garden
People can just ask my teddies and be told . . .
follow the footsteps on the wall !