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Family Photography

A number of members of the family, including myself, both
our sons and one of Barbara's cousins have a keen
interest in photgraphy of the artistic kind.


I was interested in black and white photgraphy at school
and university and several of my jobs included working
in darkrooms. My interest in painting has also
influenced my photography and most of my 
shots are taken with an eye to a future
painting. Barbara ticks me off for not 
taking enough pictures with people.
Do have a look at my photographs


Alex has only just started to do more, now he has a digital 
camera and has found a good processing company for
printing off quality prints. He intends to put some of
his prints on a web page in the near future.


James has had a web page for several years, which shows
some of his photographs. Just recently he has enjoyed
several college courses in photography and hopes to 
add many more images in the next few months
Why not visit James's Home Page?


Julie is actually Barbara's cousin's daughter and lives in
Western Canada, but we have met quite a few times
over the years. She likes the more abstract 
images. I have shown a selection of 
Julie's pictures on this site.



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